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We all seem to share one goal in life, and that is to be successful. This is a relative objective since everyone defines success differently. For some, it may be how much money you make. For others, it may be success in sports, achieving celebrity status, or climbing the corporate ladder. For me, my goals have evolved over the years from aspirations of being an elite athlete, to later dreaming of success in the corporate world.
During my time as a competitive swimmer, I achieved the success I dreamt of by competing at a high level on the national stage, breaking Varsity records, and becoming Captain of the McMaster University Varsity Swimming Team. In the corporate world I achieved the successes I sought after by becoming one of the youngest Vice Presidents at Nortel Networks – and achieving CEO status of a publicly traded company, Cygnal Technologies. And now I am enjoying the successes of founding and growing my own company, Conach Telecom, which has evolved into a thriving business as a preferred partner of Bell.
Regardless of what success looks like to you, realizing your dreams requires you to fragmentize your larger goals into tangible milestones. These are the benchmarks that let you know you are on the right track; they give you a sense of direction, focus, and purpose.
Here are some guidelines that can help your journey to success.
1. Set goals that motivate you. 
Never set a goal for yourself that does not mean something to you. It is tempting to choose goals that sound “good” or that you have heard other successful people talk about, but you need to set goals that add value to your personal journey.
2. Stop worrying about failure. 
When planning for success, it is normal to feel excited and fearful at the same time. What if I fail? What if I never achieve the goals I set for myself? While some of these thoughts can be natural, they are senseless, pointless, and destructive. Worrying about failure will actualize failure; instead, focus on positivity and your plan to achieve your goals.
3. Let go of what is holding you back. 
Things holding you back could be anything—psychological barriers, a relationship with a friend or business partner, something from your past. This may be the hardest approach out of all of them, but that is also what makes it the most important. Successful people consciously choose to only let in what is consistent with the life they want to live, even if that means making some difficult decisions.
4. Keep a positive attitude and celebrate your successes along the journey. 
In business, sports, entertainment, and life in general, your attitude is the biggest barrier standing between you and success. Having a positive attitude is one of the most important things in life as it gives you more energy, significantly improves your chances of success and leads to an overall happier life. Acknowledging your achievements and staying positive along the way makes the journey less intimidating and more enjoyable.

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