Project Management

Conach Telecom provides “End-To-End” project management for deployments that span multiple Bell divisions. Our breadth of Conach’s project management and construction experience enables us to coordinate installations that require work on the Bell Municipal Network, Bell National Clients Private Property, and Bell Mobility Network.

Despite the size or location of Bell’s projects, our versatile and experienced infrastructure is committed to exceeding expectations – every single day.

Our Services - Project Management

Construction Management

Our construction team manages and controls construction rollout by coordinating the work on-site and ensuring that Bell’s interests are handled professionally. When engaged in the early phases of project planning, our team can be involved in every aspect from there on in coordinating activities that span multiple Bell divisions.

Construction management may include everything from the coordination of contractors and supervisors; site preparation, arranging inspections, obtaining locates and municipal permits and quality assurance. Health & Safety along with environmental controls are managed to exceed regulatory compliance standards.

Our Services - Construction Management

Outside Plant (OSP)

Conach Telecom specializes in the process of physically installing and completing fibre optic networks, turning network designs into operating systems. Our teams of experienced technicians work closely with Bell in every stage of a project; design, project management, installation, testing, troubleshooting, documentation and restoration.

OSP installations include drilling, trenching, installing aerial cable, direct-buried cable, underground cable in conduit or installing conduit or inner-duct and then pulling cable. Our teams are equipped and trained to install all network configurations including complex links that may include several types of installation, for example aerial in one section, pulling in conduit on a bridge crossing and burying the rest of the cable. We offer OSP services for Bell’s Municipal Network, Bell’s National Clients Private Property, as well as backhaul infrastructure for Bell Mobility’s wireless solutions.

Our Services - Outside Plant (OSP)
Outside Plant (OSP)

Inside Plant (ISP) & Structured Cabling

Conach Telecom specializes in inside plant and structured cabling installation for wiring office buildings, retail and financial complexes, strip malls and shopping malls for data or voice communications by installing conduit pathways, category 5e (CAT5e), category 6 (CAT6), and fibre optic cabling and modular connectors.


Our team of inside plant and structured cabling technicians ensure the design and installation of your cabling and fibre optic systems will support whatever hardware you choose to add and will be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future.                  

Our Services - Inside Plant (ISP)
Structured Cabling

Splicing Cables

Once the infrastructure is in place and the cable placed, the fiber optic splicing work begins. Conach Telecom has the expertise and equipment to splice and test all fibre optic cables.  Our fibre splicing teams consist of a fibre splicer on the job site and test technician working at the other end of the cable with an OTDR to verify each splice.

Splicing Cables


From design through installation, testing commissioning, and troubleshooting, Conach Telecom provides complete wireless coverage solutions.  We have demonstrated expertise with Roof Top wireless construction, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) inbuilding construction and Pole Top microcell construction.  Conach Telecom also has expertise in both pre-inspection and post inspection of Pole Mounts.