JUN 2023 10 Years

2023 marks 10 years since I founded Conach. Over the last decade I’ve seen the company transition and evolve into what it is today – a thriving telecommunications business and preferred partner of Bell. I’m incredibly grateful to the team we have today and the dynamic positive impact we are making for our strategic partner Bell and their valued BBM clients. I’m equally grateful that we’ve been able to grow deep, profound, and far-reaching relationships with our business partners across Canada.
The last year and a half have been pivotal for me and for Conach Telecom. Managing through the global pandemic and its new ways of working, Conach implemented new and innovative approaches to grow and develop our business. We took on new large-scale projects and rose to meet every opportunity and challenge. We restructured and expanded our operations and implemented new processes and efficiencies to significantly scale our business. It was a rebirth of Conach Telecom and one of our busiest and most successful times ever with our partner Bell.
And while we learned and grew a lot as a business, we’ve reorganized and reprioritized our business to focus on what we love to do and what we do best. Reconnecting to our core purpose of enhancing the lives of the people who work for and with Conach Telecom and putting people first.
Staying true to your core purpose can bring new opportunities and is the true path to success and fulfilment for organizations and all the individuals involved with it. It’s what helps you build your brand, attract customers and business partners who share your vision and values, and fuel the important work you want to do in the world.
As we move forward with Conach Telecom into the back half of 2023 and beyond, I’m proud that we’ve taken the time to think about where we want to go and how we want to get there. We’ve reconnected with what’s most important to us, and most important to our strategic partner Bell and their clients, and our valued business partners across the country. I believe it’s what will help us continue to grow, evolve, and thrive over the next decade.

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