MAR 2023 Post COVID

It’s been three years since the outbreak of Covid and all the public emergency measures that went with it, and for most of us, if the pandemic is not over it certainly is quiet. Much has changed about how we live and work and many fixes to pandemic-related issues are here to stay in one form or another. As we settle into our ‘new normal’, many of us in business are taking stock of the last three years and realizing how differently various industries have been impacted.
In the first year of the pandemic, for example, Zoom shares rocketed by over 600%, while travel, hospitality, restaurant and hotel companies were shuttered and hundreds of thousands of people sadly lost their jobs. As millions of households rapidly transitioned to working, studying and socializing remotely, internet usage rose dramatically. Getting and staying connected – for, say the duration of a work call, video conference, university class, blockbuster movie or even a doctors appointment – became vital, generating huge demand for internet bandwidth.
Now, with so many day-to-day activities relying on seamless connectivity, the eyes of the world are suddenly on our industry – telecommunications. Increased demand meant unprecedented levels of pressure on delivery, and a real push towards new and higher bandwidth services. This has led to many positive effects in our industry, including increased public awareness, as terms such as bandwidth, traffic and fibre optics have become part of general conversation. 
We have seen firsthand at Conach Telecom how businesses, especially in the services industry, have turned to our strategic partner Bell to upgrade their infrastructure to Bell’s fibre-based services to better support their customers. It is clear that with all the investment in high bandwidth infrastructure lies a continuous change in how we act, live and work.
All of this has proved that telecommunications is a vital part of modern life, and a key element in the growth of our economy. The COVID-19 pandemic ignited an explosion of demand, and it is unlikely to slow down with the introduction of AI/ML-led services such as virtual reality entertainment, telemedicine and many more applications.
At Conach Telecom we are excited to be part of this industry as a Preferred Partner and Contractor to Bell in supporting Bell’s purpose “to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world”. While we have all experienced challenges through the pandemic, I’m particularly proud of how Conach endured and emerged stronger than ever from the coronavirus pandemic.  

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