JAN 2023 Rebirth

It’s hard to believe that we are into the new year, but this January feels different in a very exciting way. 2022 was something of a rebirth for Conach Telecom, as we restructured our operations, expanded our national infrastructure, established processes and efficiencies to significantly scale the business – and resumed in-person meetings with our partners and the BBM team at Bell
While the last couple of years have been tumultuous to say the least, I’m particularly proud of our resilience and the fact that Conach rose to meet every challenge head-on and stepped up to every opportunity our partnerships afforded us. As a result, our growth has been exceptional — an upward trajectory that has launched us into 2023.
It’s exciting to start the year in such a great position as a company, with a solid foundation and plan for 2023 and the coming years. A huge thank you to everybody involved with Conach Telecom — especially our strategic partner Bell — for being part of this incredible growth.
I’m very aware that the most valuable asset in any company is the people. For us here at Conach, our foundation is built on enhancing the lives of the people who work for and with us and the work we do for Bell — it’s a way of life. Here’s to everyone involved with Conach Telecom, and to an exciting year in 2023.

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